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A difficult situation
A new website is created which is a souvenir for our love. I dont know how long it can last. :(....

When you use all your heart in a love that love is easy to be broken. Now I have two boyfriend at the same time, my ex-boyfriend is very bad, he does not care about me. I have asked him many times "Do you love me?" He answered directly without hesitating "NO". I am very sad when I hear that saying. And sometime I go out to meet him at night, I do not have the dinner in order that I can meet him early. When I meet him, I talk to him that I am hungry but he pretends as he does not hear anything. At first, he usually calls me but now he does not send me a message. When I call him, he just answers as quickly as possible to turn off.

Now, I have a new boyfriend, he loves me so much but how about the old one, I can not say goodbye with if there is no reason. Can you give me an advise?


I have found this song on the morning, it is very interesting.


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Ohh....my love is one month lasting

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