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5:41 PM
An old friend
Last night, I received a message from a stranger. He asked me if I was Mr.L in Tay Ninh teacher's Training College. At last I knew he was my old friend because my cell phone was broken and I lost all my friend's phone number. When I went to work in Mocbai, sometime I want to call him out but I did not know how to contact him but now I do not work there any more. Poor me.

Anyway I am very happy when I know his number.
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Oh...Thank you Loi. I love you so much. I know that there is someone will read my blog. And it is you. Good luck to you.

Your best friend

Dear Lanh,
I am very happy to read your writings,
You're always my close friend.
Talk to me when you have spare time.
See you soon.

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