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Bùn - Sad :(

I send this letter for a half of mine. Where are you? I have been waiting for you a long time. Please come with me. Don't let me alone. I'm so lonely. I spent a lot of time on looking for you.

The day I go to find you, I bring with me many things. On the way I find you, I meet so many people.

All of them are wolves, they robbed all my gadgets which I gave for you, they made my heart broken, hix, so now i have nothing to give to you, just a broken heart.

My love please don't let me alone. I miss you. My life's so hard, I need you. Loving me, loving you. Listen to your heart. I send all my feeling through the air, may wind will bring it for you. I wait to see you. Do you know?
I cry a lot every night. i cry as a baby.

I am a boy looking for a boy.

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I always complaint for my life. But sometime I think of other people in Africa I am happier than them. They just wish for food and shelfter. I think I should not complaint more. cry cry cry

I give comment for myself.
Mot tinh yeu khong tron ven.
That is my fate. I am so sad. Why?

I want to be loved. Why all of u just make my heart broken. I am sad, very sad. I am sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. I dont know what to say outside saying Sad. cry cry

Plz do not break my heart........ cry cry

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