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Do you believe in God?
I dont know how do you think but I believe in HIM.

Does God Exist?

There is nothing absolute in this world. You can not say this is wrong or right. There are so many things you can see but there are a lot of things you can not see either. For example, the radio frequency you can not see by your eyes. If there is the form of life in tangible, it must be have intangigle form of life. Do you know what the God say to us. Our knowledge is just an ant to find the way to Mount Meru.
If we say there is no God or God not exist, it is the same as There is no heaven or earth, I was borm from the earth not your parent.

When you see a computer, you will think directly to person to invent it. OR you see a house, you think the person build it. IF you say no GOD, the same as you said the computer was made by nature.You know the human brain is more complex than a computer.

You are very intelligent. I know that but have you ever asked yourselves why we lived here? what the purpose of life? Why we dont not fulfill it instead of searching the power of GOD.

You just believe in the Science. Science was proven by experiment in lab. How about religion. Have you ever done as what god said in Holy bible or teaching of buddha in sutra? Have you ever meditated? What is static electricity ?

In religion, it just use differen words to describe the world. There are so many things that religion had discovered thousand years ago but science found it recently. So amusing. You think that our ancestor has an innocent idea about the world so they imagine, create God. You dont know who is innocent. They are innocent but they have a deeper understanding about the world the but we dont.

Science is good but you have a deviation thinking. Thousand years ago, why people always talk about God, ghost, gods, buddhas....if it does not have, why it exist.

In Vietnam in those years of 60s-70s, if you ask a person, do you see or believe in ghost. They will answer you. Why scientist did not come here to investigate? I think you will say that we are obsessed by ourselves. It is existed but just your stereotype of non-believe in anything you can not see. From thousand years ago, we have discussed about the rebirth, reincarnation but you think there is not enough evidence to proove it exist. There are so much evidences but why can not proove or just you can not accept our ancestor is more intellient than us or you are afraid science is worse than religion.

From the point of view of religion, the religion lead us to evolve in the spirit. You can achive it by mediation or other ways depending on your religion which has its owns.
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