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4:49 PM
uCoz upload file
uCoz provides users File Catalog feature which user can upload files and other stuffs. But I have discovered that if you upload a heavy file which is over 10MB. I think you can not download that file completely.

I have report this problem to uCoz but uCoz can not resolve it. They advise us upload to another hosting then using Link from other server.

I strongly advise you not to upload any heavy file on uCoz. Because of these disadvantage:

- uCoz provides us free service if we upload a lot of files on their system, it will lead to they have to pay more for the hosting server. The number of users pay for their service is little.
- If uCoz removes your site, or your site is inactive in 30 days. All your files will be lost.
- To ensure the upload and download speed for all users, uCoz limit the downloading and uploading time.

Best regards,
Coc chu

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