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Decriptive Essay

In a descriptive essay, a write uses details to tell how a subject looks, sounds, tastes, smells or feels. The essay should make the read feel like responding to what he or she is reading.

The hook introduces the object or event of description.
The middle sentences provide the background.
The thesis statement tells why the object or event of description is important to the writer.

Body paragraphs
Most of desciption is in the body paragraphs.
Adjectives and adverbs make the experience more vivid.
The scence is often described with prepositions and prepositonal phrases that specify location and position in space.
Comparison, such as similies, can make the writing more descriptive, familiar and expressive.

The conclusion gives the writer's final opinion about the de

Vương Quốc Anh33 » Linh tinh » Hỏi - đáp Tiếng Anh » Essays
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