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Love is not distinguished by gender.
Gay - les
When they ( gay ) were born, they are unfortunate people, with a certain aspect they have mistakes with nature, they cannot bear, they have mistakes with society - they are unusual, but themselves have not got mistakes. No one can choose where they will born, no one can choose their appearance.
Do not see me as sick person.
No one wants to swim backward of the stream of nature.If there is the so-called destiny, I am an unlucky person have very dark fate to conceal my lonely, break my heart. Nobody would  like that. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, but it tends to be viewed as sickness. What  happy for normal people because they can live with their true feeling but a group of people doesn't know how to keep that happiness. If I could choose to become normal person like everybody, I would respect this life.
It's not the last tear.
I have a boy appearance, but when I was child, I was familiar with teased words like PD, petrol mixed oil...I just knew keep  silence, ignoring the public opinion to live. I promised with myself " Although all over the world turn its back to me,  I will live a decent life". A question always in my heart " What my future will be? " A pain always keeps in my heart when I see my lover as a friend and make myself not think any more. And then when I completed my responsibilily with family and society, sitting in the dark I asked myself: "What I live for and how long can I  live like that?" There were tears drop silently in the night and I knew it wasn't the last tears.
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